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Coping with Divorce in Austin, Texas

Kerry McGill from Austin, Texas, educates and entertains in his children's book, Bear's Flower. The book provides comfort and clarity to children coping with divorce.

Life's Challenges

Bear's Flower is a staple to any children's book collection. McGill provides insight, healing, and entertainment in his book written for children coping with divorce. The main character, Bear, will surely brighten a child's mood and illustrate that life's surprises sometimes lead to happy endings. It will provide any reader, not only children, with the underlying gleam brought by hope, dedication, parental joy, the circle of life and unconditional love.

Book Summary

Bear's Flower is based on the main character of Bear, the father figure of the story. After waking from hibernation, Bear finds a seed, plants it and it grows to become a beautiful flower. As the flower grows, Bear wants very much to protect it, but cannot because of the responsibility of taking care of his family. As time wears on, Bear still wishes to protect his flower. When winter comes, Bear protects the flower by wrapping himself around it. What remains eventually is the shadow of Bear and the beautiful flower he wanted so much to protect.  The book details of Bear's Flower are as follows:

• Published: August 2013
• Soft Cover Book
• Pages: 24
• 8.50X11 Inches
• Retail Price: $14.93
• E-Book Price: $7.99
Bear's Flower can be purchased from these retailers:
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