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Children's Divorce Book in Austin, Texas

Join Bear as he keeps his flower safe in the story of Bear's Flower. Author, Kerry McGill, from Austin, Texas, wrote this book to bring clarity to the emotions felt by children coping with divorce.

Bear's Flower Cover, Children's Divorce Book in Austin, TX

Bear's Flower Analysis
Written by Greyson Dillard McGill (author's son)

As someone all too familiar to divorce, I understand the many negatives involved, as the separation of a couple who has made vows before God is no easy thing. There are feelings of blame, sorrow, and anger felt during this trying time. My family experienced divorce during my  Junior year in high school.  My father chose to express his love for my younger sister through a poem.  This poem portrays the feelings and experiences that many families have.

"Bear's Flower" starts out as  a charming children's book that allows a child to experience  emotions that are positive and joyful. The bear awakens from hibernation to a spring day and plants a seed in the ground for the season to come.  A child may think this book is a cute and playful story with little meaning behind it, but an adult will understand a deeper meaning.  A child may simply enjoy the poem or by discussing with an adult or counselor find ways to express their experience with a divorce.

Continuing, the bear is mesmerized by the growth of this beautiful flower that has become the most precious influence in his life. He becomes attached to this flower and will protect it at any cost. You can feel a shift and foreshadowing becomes a factor as the story progresses from this point.

Summer comes and the flower becomes more brilliant and vibrant. The flower becomes taller and the bear continues to admire the maturation of the flower as he deals with his own daily problems.   Like Bear, when parents go through tough times, they continue to love their children while battling inner worries.

Fall arrives with the foreshadowing coming full-tilt. The mood turns cold and dark. There is the escalation of bitter arguments and conflict between parents. Bear defends his precious flower from the "climate". The outside world can rip a child's world apart due to the vulnerability of his protectors.  Flower continues to be the shining light in  Bear's  life, while the earth grows cold and bare into the winter months. Fortunately, Bear has enough courage and strength to protect Flower and she survives the harsh winter.  Love is essential during tough times and expression of this love requires a strong heart.

The warm weather and sunshine returns, as the ground thaws from the harsh months previous. Finally, my father concludes with a  fanciful story that  recounts the origins of the flower and how the land, Ireland, received its name.

The reader will tie the story together to weave a  heartfelt conclusion . A discussion with younger children about how important   their life is to their parents will come naturally. The story concludes with a connection of Flower to my sister, Ireland.

Bears and fathers may sometimes seem tough and harsh, but this father bear is courageous and cares for his young always.

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About Us

Bear's Floweris a children's divorce book to help young children cope with parental separation. Author, Kerry McGill from Austin, Texas, writes this heartfelt story sure to be enjoyed by all.

McGill was an academic all-American linebacker in college. He graduated, cum laude, from law school at the University of Oklahoma and went on to become an accomplished trial attorney. What McGill found to be most challenging was to communicate his deepest feelings to his young daughter following his divorce after 17 years of marriage.

Mission of the Book

The mission of the book is to address important life lessons, and perhaps, initiate a new perspective for others. The feeling of loneliness can run heavy on a child's heart when battling with life-altering scenarios; Kerry's children's divorce book and writing style is comforting to the young reader faced by these challenges.

Bear's Flower teaches children the importance of togetherness, parental joy, and protection. Kerry dedicates Bear's Flower to his daughter said by these loving words:

"Divorce is difficult and traumatic,
especially so on children.
It is so important for them to know...
they are and always will be loved.
Dedicated to my beloved
daughter, Ireland."


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